Our company, Siam Sansui accepts construction orders from Japanese companies entering Thailand, mainly in the main industrial park. Our order size is limited to about 5000 m 2. 
Design supervision (class 1 architect), meetings, construction supervision will be handed over to the completion of delivery by Japanese personnel. Regarding meetings involving the introduction of production facilities in particular, we have made the utmost effort to give customers peace of mind by experience and achievements in Thailand until now.


Business content
General building design · Construction management: New renovation, expansion, electricity · plumbing and drainage facilities (including cooling tower etc.), interior, waterproofing (roofing, flooring including painted flooring), air conditioning equipment general, crane construction.  * Water treatment facilities, boilers, scrubbers, etc. are out of our construction scope but can only be introduced within Japanese construction group.




  Structure System for Factory


  Module System for Hotel & Condo & Apartment