Water Treatment Chemicals for Accountability

Resources are required for every need in an ever changing market place such as the industrial water treatment market; it is important to have all the necessary tools in place to ensure that any situation can be handled with confidence. KURITA-GK CHEMICAL’s diverse product lines are effective in providing all the necessary elements for a successful treatment program.

Pretreatment and waste water treatment chemicals

KURITA's products are selected to deliver more effective use of solid removal as well as to increase throughput, and reduce sludge volume. Our extensive selection of coagulant, flocculant and dewatering products are developed to satisfy a wide range of treatment application. Reverse osmosis treatment chemical and ion exchange resins are included in our product line up.

Steam boiler & condensate treatment chemicals

This line offers an excellent variety of products used in the treatment of steam boilers, steam lines and all applicable accessory equipment. It contains products that use conventional mechanisms to control scale and corrosion as well as newer technologies to enhance the treatment. These products lines also used to effectively control critical parameters.

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

A comprehensive selection of chemicals which effectively control the effects of scale and corrosion in open re-circulating systems. It also includes a full range of micro-biocide used to inhibit the growth of microbial foulant as well as adjuncts, which may be used to control specific parameters. KURITA NT Series is a unique and superior performance of KURITA’s patented technology of slime removal agents for cooling water systems.

Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemicals

We have the complete line up of RO treatment chemicals for all RO processes. KURIVERTER® Series of chemicals includes bio-film removal agent, anti-scalant, pretreatment agent and cleaning chemicals for RO membranes. Not only it will eradicate the cause of trouble, it will also enhance the performance of RO system, resulting in better yield for our customer. We also have NSF certified chemicals line up for food & beverage industries.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

The products in this category offers a broad spectrum of methods to effectively coagulate, flocculate and ultimately dewater sludge from all types of waste water. KURITA ZA Series minimizes inorganic chemicals leading to reduction of sludge volume and total operating costs.

Closed Loop System Treatment Chemicals

KURILEX Series, an outstanding chemical that rely on proven chemistry to provide excellent protection against scale and corrosion problems that can occur in hot and chilled water closed loops.

Technical Services for Reliability

In order to obtain an excellent performance for water treatment, KURITA-GK CHEMICAL CO., LTD not only provides chemical treatment programs but also includes precise maintenance service works. This maintenance services works includes technical services, laboratory analysis, chemical dosing adjustments and monitoring systems including inspection works for tractability and reliability of the systems.

Professional Laboratory Facilities

Features experienced degree holding chemists and technologically advanced instrumentation including gas chromatography, atomic absorption and spectrophotometer. Current services includes analysis, purity testing, corrosion study, deposit analysis, metallurgical analysis, resin analysis and others.

Experienced Technical Representatives

All on site technical representatives are highly trained and experienced water treatment professionals that can anticipate problems and implement preventative programs to keep your processes operating at peak efficiency. Our technical representatives are equipped with analysis and equipments to ensure proper diagnosis and reporting of your processes operations.

Advanced Monitoring/Inspection Equipments

Technically advanced equipments are provided to ensure accurate monitoring and the efficient operation of your requirements. Advanced instrumentation monitoring options include online corrosion meters, online polymer automatic analysis and feeding, deposit heat exchanger, automatic blow down and concentration control system including industrial video scope inspection equipment. Onsite technical assistance is provided to ensure the proper application, installation and continued operation of all equipments.

Flexible Delivery Services

Service options include custom bulk delivery, drum tank, etc. Bulk delivery provides a cost effective means to reduce unnecessary chemical handling, inventory, waste and liability.

KGC Mobile Laboratory

KURITA-GK’s mobile laboratory is equipped with advanced instrument, available to service water analysis for emergency cases as well as plant analysis specially requested by our customer.