Corporate Vision

It is the long-term direction for the company, CK's raison d'etre A global automotive company, inspired to be world-leading in innovation and Monozukuri, while contributing to a sustainable society.

Mission statement

The Mission describes specific roles that CK is committed to undertake in order to reach the Vision

- Global
We create the strongest world-wide automotive supplier brand by cohesively blending our diverse cultures into one dynamically agile team.

- Inspired
We are persistent to invest in the CK core values generating pride, passion, and loyalty in all of our team members.

- World Leading Innovation
We harness creativity and a Monozukuri spirit from our team members to be first-to-market with high quality products and processes for our customers.

- Sustainable Society
We are committed to be a socially responsible corporate citizen that brings value to our shareholders, communities, and team members.